Okada Casino

Introduction to Okada Casino

Okada Casino, located in Entertainment City, Manila, Philippines, is one of the finest luxury casinos in the world. It offers a wide range of gaming options, exquisite dining, luxurious accommodations, and world-class entertainment.

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In this guide, we will take you through the steps to maximize your visit to Okada Casino. From booking your stay to enjoying the gaming experience, every step is crafted to enhance your experience.

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Step 1: Booking Your Stay

Ensure a comfortable visit by booking your stay at the Okada Manila Hotel.

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  1. Visit the hotel website
  2. Select your stay dates
  3. Choose your room type
  4. Confirm your booking
  5. Check your email for reservation details

Book now at Okada Manila

Tip: Book early to avail the best rates and discounts.

Step 2: Preparing for Your Visit

Before you embark on your gaming adventure, prepare yourself:

  • Check the dress code on the official site to ensure you are dressed appropriately
  • Bring a valid ID for entry
  • Set a budget for your gaming activities
  • Download the casino map for better navigation

Step 3: Gaming at Okada Casino

Okada Casino offers a thrilling and diverse gaming experience:

  1. Explore the casino floor
  2. Join the table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette
  3. Try your luck at the slot machines
  4. Visit the VIP rooms for high-stake games
  5. Participate in daily and weekly tournaments

For game guides, visit the casino section on their website.

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Step 4: Dining and Entertainment

Dining at Okada Casino is an experience in itself, with a variety of cuisines to choose from:

  • Savor fine dining at La Piazza or Red Spice
  • Enjoy casual dining and buffets at Goryeo and Fountain Café
  • Relax with drinks at the Sports Bar
  • Experience the spectacular shows at the Okada Manila’s Entertainment Venue

Tip: Make reservations for popular restaurants in advance to secure your table.


Your visit to Okada Casino promises an unparalleled experience of luxury, entertainment, and excitement. From booking your stay to savoring the exquisite dining options and enjoying a diverse range of gaming activities, Okada Casino provides a world-class experience.

“A journey to Okada Casino is more than just a visit; it is an unforgettable adventure that gives you a taste of the extraordinary.”

Plan your visit today and immerse in the supreme luxury offered by Okada Casino.

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